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Bondi Junction’s Leading Hypnotherapy Practice

Work with a team who understands you. At the Bondi Junction Hypnotherapy Centre in Sydney, our hypnotherapists have more than 15 years of experience in helping clients gain a deeper understanding of how their own patterns of behaviour and those of others are formed. Through hypnotism we’re able to reveal the inner workings of your subconscious, helping you to trace back harmful decisions to the source.

It is through finding the root cause of our habits, addictions and patterns that we can begin to unravel them. These root causes are usually buried deep within the subconscious and are in most cases inaccessible to our conscious selves. Through hypnotherapy, we are able to access the subconscious and alter these root causes, prejudices, and unconsciously-held beliefs that are limiting our relationships and our growth as people.

Why Should I see a Hypnotherapist?

Recent findings in the scientific field of neuroplasticity support our belief as hypnotherapists that not only can people change their own brains, but they can also alter or remove negative and self-limiting beliefs. Demoralising, intrusive thoughts that put us down and keep us stuck in unhealthy relationships, bad habits and self-destructive habits can be done away with when attacked properly.

Hypnotherapy is an option for everyone. All you need to be able to do to start is say you’re ready to work with your own, most powerful tool; your own mind. There are no other preconditions; you simply have to be prepared to work on yourself, with yourself.

The leading practice for clinical hypnotherapy in Sydney

Our hypnotherapists are able to help our clients tackle a range of lifestyle problems. From helping you quit smoking to getting over public speaking anxiety, our range of services supports people across Sydney in achieving their goals.

Make a booking with Bondi Junction Hypnotherapy Centre today and take the first step to a new, better, healthier you. Send us any questions via email to or through our contact form and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible. You can also call our hypnotherapists directly on 0419 214 285.

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