This non invasive extraordinary tool that is available to us all, can alter old beliefs and hurts that remain deep in out subconscious. The client is his/her own healer, the therapist the facilitator. This collaborative process works on an extensive variety of stubborn issues that are difficult to alter using the only the conscious mind.


Hypnosis is an amazing modality for children as their natural curiosity and imagination is a perfect medium to create change.

Counselling / Psychotherapy has been used for many years to help make the “unconscious conscious” a trained therapist can help you “unpack” your emotional saboteurs.

Another non invasive process of therapy, particularly suited to children, that allows for for the internal emotional landscape to be revealed through play. The client works at their own pace to resolve issues in a non verbal way.

Works on altering the “thoughts, feeling, behaviour” cycle. Cognitive therapy has been demonstrated in numerous studies to be effective for depression, anxiety disorders, substance abuse eating disorders to name a few. Learning to become aware of negative thoughts and feelings and your response to them.

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